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Product management 101: from idea to launch

No more useless pre-recorded courses. Obtaining practical skills to launch exceptional products has never been so easy.

Live and agile to changes

Real-life cases and practice

Content created by practicing professionals

4 to 8 weeks long

We help you to land any idea to practice

Strong theory

It's not boring, it's the way to learn from other people's mistakes. We'll explain key concepts and strategies of product management.

Constant feedback

This can help students understand their strengths and areas for improvement, and make adjustments accordingly.

Learn by doing

Hands-on exercises and interactive discussions to enhance skills. Work on real-world projects throughout the course and feedback on the progress.

Overall, we focus on 3 main pillars

01 / Product sense

to understand the needs of customers and the market, and to use that understanding to develop and launch successful products.

02 / Strategy building

to develop a plan for how to bring the product to market and achieve business goals.

03 / Leadership

to make difficult decisions and trade-offs when necessary.

The course is tailored for:

Product management is valuable for professions involved in creating and delivering products. It allows you to understand customer needs and create outstanding products.

Developers 🔋Founders 💡Managers 👨‍💼BizDevs Designers✏️PMs ⚡


    • Hypotheses of the target audience
    • Competitive analysis
    • Problem-solution fit
    • Market evaluation
    • Customer development: client interviews
    • Value proposition
    • Customer experience mapping
    • CJM & Story mapping
    • Prototyping & MVP building
    • Market evaluation
    • Sourcing ideas
    • Product roadmap
    • Product positioning
    • Idea prioritisation
    • Product-market fit
    • Product metrics discovery
    • Metrics hierarchy
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Basic statistics
    • Customer feedback loops
    • Cohort analysis
    • Unit economics
    • Financial modelling
    • Marketing channel mix
    • Growth mechanisms
    • Marketing analytics
    • Project management
    • Agile, scrum and kanban
    • Stakeholder management
    • Working with IT teams

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The course is created by professionals in VC, startups, and corporations

Kirill Sosnin

Kirill Sosnin

Founder at Blank.
Anastasia Shtykova

Anastasia Shtykova

CEO at

...and invited speakers from VCs startups & corporations

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