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Nemo: prototyping for neurotech startup

Nemo is a startup providing a full—stack technology for monitoring productivity at work and for personal purposes.

Our Objective

The goal for Nemo was to develop a neuro-assistant prototype that records brain waves on the user's temples, similar to an electroencephalogram.

The neuro-assistant would send messages to a software broker, alerting the user or their supervisor if it detects increased fatigue or lack of focus. The design needed to be innovative, progressive, intuitive, and easy to use without requiring additional training.

Our Approach

Before diving into the prototyping process, we conducted our own research on ergonomics and examined how full-time employees wear headphones as a device closest in visualization to a neuro-assistant.

We identified key details that customers pay attention to, which could be relevant for Nemo, including:

- Wireless Bluetooth connection
- Minimalistic design or vintage references
- Minimum pressure on the auricles
- Extended battery life
- Compatibility with existing chargers

First concept

Nemo minimal

Taking these points into account, we proceeded with the prototyping phase and achieved the following results:

– clean design;
–intuitive one-button power control;
– potential for further development in color-texture solutions, illumination, and transparency

Second concept

Nemo construct

– clear division into constructive components;
– vintage reference by combining different materials

Third concept

Nemo headphones

– subordination of two simple figures;
– adaptive design with the ability to remove the hoop entirely


After presenting these prototypes, the customer chose the Nemo minimal model as it aligned better with their brand objectives. We finalized the proposal by incorporating the following additions:

- New sensor location
- Alternative color-texture solution
- Charger location and compatibility
- Approximate battery capacity

Time spent

4 weeks

Technology stack

Cinema 4D, Blender

Awards won


Happy clients


Alibaba Get Challenge

The challenge is seeking innovative digital solutions to support people, businesses and institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Result: top-3 finalists

Proba Awards

Along with the Cannes Lions, Global SABER Awards and Gold Quill Awards, the Proba Awards, an international communication award, is included in the National Ranking of Communications Companies with the highest gradation (class "A").

Result: top-10 finalists

Lexus Awards

An annual international design competition, where every year thousands of professionals from all over the world compete to submit their innovative ideas and receive a grant to bring them to life.

Result: long-list


Tanya Makeeva

Tanya Makeeva

Kate Dorokhina

Kate Dorokhina

Kirill Sosnin

Kirill Sosnin

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