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Botify: branding and а landing page

Botify is a service providing Telegram chatbots for the processes automation on Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces. It operates by subscription and provides a package of services which includes a reviews parser, competitor price parser, supply planner and other functions.

1. Time spent: 3 weeks
2. Technology stack: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Figma
3. Happy clients: +1

What we aimed at

The customer was just developing a go-to-market strategy for Botify when asked us for branding. So we started with visual guidelines for the entire brand from scratch including color solutions, typefaces, the logo main version, and options for its adaptation on digital media.

The website of the crypto company Solana was given as a reference: Our task was to make a better example and exceed our client's expectations.

What we did

As a result, we provided 3 variants of the logo.

A minimalistic pixel art-style logo made with an accent color that has potential to become dominant in the entire branding.

Second concept

Botify – logo

A textual logo made in a grotesque font, as well as containing a graphic icon with a reference to the key branding colors of popular domestic marketplaces.

Third concept

Botify – logo

Similar to the previous example, but the new logo contains a different visual metaphor — pie chart replaced the graph, and thickened connecting elements in the font were also selected.

Landing page

In our approach, we put content above form. It is important to us that the site solves business problems, and not created for show, so –

Take a look what we created:


1 .

The first step was to think over information on the main page so that every visitor would immediately understand our advantages making no more than 2-3 scrolls.



We made a layout distributing key communication theses and blocks increasing the readability.



At least 4 feedback forms were natively integrated into the text (the first one — immediately after the 2nd block on the main page; the last one — necessarily in the footer).



We added pages supporting our reasoning: the one with recommendations, Q&A, and an invitation to the referral program.

Use & Enjoy


We secured the website visual unity with branded geometry and an animated preloader.

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