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Pitchdeck for the innovative coffee brand

From investor scouting to pitch deck design, here in Blank we are to empower your business and equip you with the tools you need to become a leader in the segment. Whether you are a tech bro/sis or into traditional sectors.

We're not just designing pitch decks; – we're also helping to build a startup strategy from 0 to 1.

Project brief is a drip coffee brand set up in New York and created by two founders from different backgrounds, united by their passion for coffee and entrepreneurship. Sustainable practices, premium quality and monthly coffee subscription option is what sets the brand apart from its competitors at the utilitarian level.

Entrepreneurs at the "concept" investment stage, yet with strong traction in the neighboring FMCG sector, have requested our assistance in creating a pitch deck for them.

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Pitch slides we created:

Step 1

Identified the problem in the coffee market related to American consumers' habits of buying in bulk and overpaying for surplus that goes unused. We addressed objections explaining how solves this "pain" and crafted key brand communication messages.

Step 2

Determined the size of the accessible market, mapped competitors, and explored the potential for this product to go viral, based on the experience of using drip coffee packets in the Asian market.

The NDA data is masked with 'X'.

Step 3

Developed a Go-to-market strategy, identifying key marketing activations for B2C (promotion through marketplace advertising panels, hyperlocal services, and image campaigns on social networks) and for B2B audiences (promotion through vendor platforms for wholesale purchases and corners at offline business events).

Step 4

Calculated the unit economics of the business project considering the launch of white and private label production, helped formulate a win-win investment proposal, and assisted in showcasing the management achievements of the team.

How to start working with us:

01 01


our contact form with details about your business, followed by an introductory meeting to address any questions and handle essential paperwork.

02 02


necessary documents such as technical descriptions, marketing reports, and financial models, tailored to your business's maturity and industry.

03 03


a draft of the pitch deck for review and refinement, culminating in a final, polished presentation that enhances your brand identity.

Let's improve your Pitch Deck?

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